Personal Narrative - Joanne Scherf: Visual Explorer

Visual Explorer of Contemplative Imagery

We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time...T.S. Eliot

Soulful, engaging, serene, emotive, tranquil.....

First and foremost I consider myself a visual explorer who seeks to reveal the wonderment of the commonplace as if a new discovery. I re-direct photography's traditional outward focus of reality toward a more reflective inward gaze to one's inner consciousness or inner landscape to visualize the intangible. My images are contemplative and/or metaphorical that tend to concentrate on color, tone, texture, rhythm and movement, rather than just subject matter.

Overall my signature style tends to elicit an emotional connection drawn by the simplicity of design, oftentimes with a layer of complexity that hovers behind the facade. In the end, my work is more about equivalents of emotions, or translations rather than just "seeing" an observed reality.  My image interpretation of the landscape or environment conveys the drama and beauty of the mundane, often creating abstract images that transcend the ordinary.

My main focus is creating contemplative and metaphorical landscape images used for healing, meditation and hospitality/interior design environments. My client base also includes private collectors who appreciate contemporary images and the high quality and professionalism that my brand conveys. Overall I just simply choose emotional expression over observed reality as I capture the spectacle, reveal the familiar from a new perspective, catch the unique and convey it to others.

© EXPLORE the potential.....ENGAGE your soul.....ESCAPE reality

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