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Book Design for Artists

Most visual artists either don't have the time, desire, or talent to create books; both the graphics or actual content of the written word.  

However, books are such a great marketing tool for your art business that can take many formats. Whether it's a photo book as a supplement to your exhibit, a leave-behind for a portfolio review, or a stand-alone piece of art like a coffee table book, all advertise your talent.  I can design the cover and/or book content/pages that meet your special business needs to market your art.

Custom Books: Family Narratives

Oral histories are one way of handing down family stories and legendary tales.  But a book will take it one step further and ensure the family history continues with each successive generation.

In addition to the more traditional artists books described above, I also specialize in custom books that tell a family story for a variety of occasions:

 Children's book to introduce the newborn/toddler or adopted child to their new family

•  Perfect custom baby shower or wedding shower gifts; definitely "one-of-a-kind"; guaranteed NO duplicates.

•  A visually-rich book of family photos and brief notes for elderly family members with dementia to joyfully reminisce old times

All these custom varieties obviously require a collaborative effort between myself and family members. We can approach this project in many ways.  I can either:

•  consult and coach you

•  edit your writing samples

•  write the entire content myself based on family interviews 

Of course, regardless of the approach, all final drafts require your final approval.  It's a fairly flexible process depending on your needs, budget, and desired outcome.

Contact me for further details.  We can make a simple soft cover edition, hard cover with dust jacket, or go crazy with a beautiful image-wrapped hard cover variety.  The ideal page range for this children's book or shower gift is approximately 20 pages.  This certainly makes the book a very practical endeavor and keeps it at an appealing price point.

 Contact me at for further details.

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