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Photo Restoration

Family photographs are a significant part of your family history, and if fortunate enough, passed on from generation to generation. Unfortunately these family heirlooms are often neglected or just accumulate the ravages of aging; no longer presentable for framing and display in your home.

•  Do you have boxes of old and worn family photos stored in your basement waiting for your attention?  

•  Have you inherited the family treasure of precious vintage photographs when your  loved ones have passed? 

•  Do you only have one copy of a photograph that every sibling wants a copy of?

I can restore your old photographs close to their original condition so you and family members can proudly display them, even if they may have suffered:

• fading

• tears

• creases

• scratches

• mold

• blemishes

After scanning and making a digital negative, I not only repair the damage, but also perform basic tonal adjustments for better color saturation, contrast, and enhancement of exposure.  You not only receive one sample print (5x7 or 8x10), but also a digital negative (via email or CD) so you can make endless copies to share with family and friends.

After an initial assessment I can judge how much work it will take to restore the photograph (basic or advanced) and then provide a cost estimate.  Contact me at for further details.

 Contact me at for further details.

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