Soulful Portraits

Intimate  •  Soulful  •  Collaborative  •  Revealing

These words summarize my philosophy of portraiture. Portraits are essentially a performance of unspoken intimacy and collaboration between the photographer and subject.   It's an attempt to go beyond the facade and reveal the inner soul of the individual; a celebration of one's special beauty. My goal is to create a safe space where you feel relaxed and free to expose your true essence.

All people have an innate beauty; I merely capture the essence of an individual to convey the alluring, graceful, and beautiful elegance of the human form.  Although  merely a witness, I'm honored by your trust and powerful interchange that engages us all in a silent dialogue.

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Because of the nature of my style, I generally limit my sessions to capturing only ONE SOUL at a time. I feel this private, intimate environment is more conducive to the ultimate goal of revealing your true essence. As you may have guessed, my practice does NOT involve occasions such as engagements, weddings, reunions or other event-type photography. There's an infinite number of qualified professionals that provide that specialty.

Another style element is that I prefer capturing your image with natural light whenever possible. Natural daylight offers a variety of lighting opportunities, either in indoor or outdoor settings. For example, although these images appear to be "studio" portraits they were actually created outdoors using a studio backdrop and reflectors. My other belief is that successful portraiture requires ultimate trust. For that reason I prefer to meet you prior to any photo session and share your thoughts on expectations, or just a mutual and casual introduction to break the ice.


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