Graphic Design: A Parallel Universe of Creativity

As a professional photographer, I, like other creative-minded entrepreneurs spend approximately 80 percent of my time performing the "business end" of things. So I oftentimes find myself in a position to create marketing materials to promote my art; a chance to perform my second favorite creative outlet of graphic design.

As a result, over the years I have accumulated education and experience in graphic design resulting in samples that certainly complement my work, and for that matter anyone in the creative arts community.

Having a front row seat to the life and business of art, I feel competent in consulting, designing and/or creating the necessary graphic design products necessary to promote one's brand.  An example of my graphic design expertise follows:

•  Brand visual identify (typeface, color, logo design, tagline, etc.)

•  Visual resumes 

•  Folded business "portfolio" cards highlighting image samples

 Portfolio "leave-behinds"

•  Exhibit/display signage 

•  Additional marketing and communication peripherals 

Contact me at for further details.

Market Yourself...Art is a Business

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