Print Pricing Philosophy

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Art for the Masses....

I strongly believe that everyone should have access to view and purchase original art. Art prices should NOT reflect income inequality or strictly cater to "high culture" art enthusiasts.  

Simply stated, I use VALUE-BASED pricing that is based on the perceived value, not the traditional cost-plus or competitor pricing model. Therefore my goal is to provide you with a variety of price points to encourage everyone to make an investment whether it's your first time or not.  

To encourage first-time buyers, I now offer entry-level options that are affordable and high quality.   An example of this level includes, photographic prints such as the traditional glossy, lustre, or metallic finishes and smaller size options thus keeping your cost to a minimum.  

For those individuals with more financial resources, there are always multiple options such as fine art archival prints.  These Giclee prints are on premium, museum-quality fine-art papers and  available in larger sizes (up to 40x40).   In addition, commission work is always welcome for the custom approach.

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