Special Orders: Open Edition BW Piezography

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Piezography is a high-end printing process that creates the finest museum-quality black & white (BW) digital prints available today. This process uses seven shades of carbon monochrome/grayscale inks ranging from selenium, neutral, warm neutral to carbon/sepia.  The combination of exceptional fine art papers and the Piezography process elicits an end result of a true continuous tone image with smoother tonal range, greater detail, superior sharpness and overall, unmatched print quality.

Piezography prints are  only available through special arrangement with Jeff Gaydash Studios and are not available via the traditional on-line ordering of this website.  

Note:  The above Black & white image is just one sample and NOT the only piezography print available.

How to Order Your B&W Piezography Print

To order your Piezography print follow these simple steps:

•  Go to any BW gallery and select your BW image

•  Send me an email (using the Contact form on this website) with a link to the image you have selected for Piezography printing

•  In your email indicate the size and quantity you desire

•  My email response will provide the cost of your order in addition to confirming the size and quantity

•  I will then place the order directly with my printer and mail your image upon completion

Note:  All Piezography prints are shipped in either a tube or flat depending on size and quantity of your order.  Your order consists of just the print and is unmatted and unframed.  Shipping cost is included in the final price.

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