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POSTER ART: Low Budget & Inspirational

Poster art is offered as a thrifty option for those in the early phase of art appreciation on a low budget.  College students, just married, or those in need of art for their workout rooms, or yoga/meditation spaces, poster art is the perfect solution.  Not just an image, my posters may also serve as a source of inspiration via an assortment of text, slogans, or quotes.

Poster art gives you tons of flexibility with your budget.  Go low budget with lustre, glossy or matte prints.  Or spend a little more for Pearl prints.  If you really want to go crazy and spend more money for a Giclee fine art print on exhibition/museum quality paper that's an option as well.  

Note:  This poster art gallery is relatively new and I will be adding many more prints on an on-going basis.

PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTS: Affordable and High Quality

The highest quality prints made with care on professional photo papers in a size of your choice, all at affordable prices.  The cost covers print only; no mat or frame is included since everyone has individual taste and style preferences.  Photographic print surfaces include:

•  Lustre

•  Glossy

•  Metallic

•  Deep Matte

•  Pearl

GICLEE FINE ART PRINTS: Premium and Archival

Giclee (zhee-CLAY) printsare made with high quality archival inks on fine art papers using a high-resolution large format inkjet printer.  These premium archival inks produce images with smooth tones and dynamic range of rich colors on a variety of surfaces such as smooth, canvas, or watercolor-type papers rich in texture.  Giclee print is museum-quality and commonly found in both museums and galleries.  This high-end printing typically a has longevity well over 100 years.

All images in every gallery is available as a Giclee print.  Just click on the green BUY button.  Note: the price covers print only; no mat or frame is included since everyone has individual taste and style preferences

METAL PRINTS: Sophisticated and Contemporary

This option offers a new medium for preserving images by infusing dyes directly into specially-coated aluminum sheets.  The images take on a magical luminescence to make a brilliant, impressive, vibrant, and breathtaking print.  The metal prints are perfect for contemporary or abstract images for that minimalist look.  Completely ready to hang since no mat or frame is required; also hanging hardware is built into the back so the image "floats about an inch off the wall".

One last detail.... I highly recommend the High Gloss surface finish for unsurpassed detail and vibrance.  

Metal prints are:

•  Durable archival prints without  the need for mat or frame

•  Brilliant luminescent image quality

•  Ultra-hard, scratch-resistant surface

•  Waterproof and weatherproof

•  Can be cleaned easily with any commercial glass cleaner

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